Coastal, Marine and Environmental Engineering

31 Years Waterfront Experience to Serve You

Investigation Phase
1.  Initial Meeting with Owner
2.  Clarify Engineering Requirements and Review Available Data
3.  Identify Governmental Requirements
4.  Identify Potentially Controversial /Contestable Public Issues
5.  Conceptual Design
6.  Initial Economic Analysis and Alternative Considerations

Preliminary Design Phase
7.  Site Survey
8.  Geotechnical Borings and Analysis
9.  Preliminary Design
10.  Updated Economic Analysis

11.  Review Design and Economic Analysis With Owner
12.  Water Regulatory Permit Applications
13.  County Zoning Permit Applications
14.  Section 106 Historic Preservation/DNR Endangered Resource Compliance
15.  Grant Applications and Presentations

Final Design Phase
16.  Final Design
17.  Update Cost Estimate
18.  Review Final Design and Updated Economic Analysis With Owner
19.  Wage Rate Determination Application

Bidding or Negotiation Phase
20.  Preparation of Bid Documents & Specifications
21.  Bid Advertisement or Negotiation
22.  Prospective Bidder Questions & Answers
23.  Prebid Site Visit w/ Prospective Bidders
24.  Addendums and Notices as Necessary
25.  Bid Opening
26.  Bid Review
27.  Notice of Award

Construction Phase
28.  Notice to Proceed
29.  Preconstruction Meeting
30.  Project Staking
31.  Inspections
32.  Construction Material Testing
        At Rock Quarry/Quarries
        At Project Site
33.  Progress Payment Review and Recommendations
34.  Change Orders As Necessary
35.  Progress Reports and Meetings with Owner
36.  Substantial Completion Inspection
37.  Development of Completion Check List
38.  Final Inspection
39.  Additional Inspections Until Final Completion
40.  Project Closeout
       Construction Contract
       Final Payment
       Wage Rate Compliance Information to State
       Federal & State Completion Notification
       Final Project Cost Breakdown for Grant Payment
41.  Completion and Submittal of "as built" drawings to Owner
42.  Completion and Submittal of "operation/maintenance" manuals to Owner

Operational Phase
43.  Assist Owner in Closing any Remaining Project Business
44.  Assist with Refining and Adjusting any Equipment or Systems
45.  Assist Owner in Training Owner's Staff to Operate and Maintain Project
46.  Assist Owner in Developing Procedures for Control of Operation and Maintenance
       and Recording Keeping for Project