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We offer several different marina evaluation levels to accommodate your marina or boatyard.

The basic marina evaluation is intended for a small sized marina (less than 100 boats).  It includes a fairly rapid but thorough site evaluation during the boating season, and a written report summarizing all observations, recommendations and opportunities for the marina.  Key strengths and problems will be identified.  The basic evaluation will typically take 3 to 5 days including one full day of on-site evaluation during business hours.
The advanced marina evaluation is designed for marinas accommodating 100 to 250 slips with several profit centers.  This includes a complete evaluation of marina operations, interviews with customers and staff, and reviews of operation manuals and revenue sources.  Recommendations will be given for improving revenue and strong assets.  The advanced evaluation takes about 2-4 weeks including 1-2 days of on-site evaluation and one day on a busy weekend.
An extensive evaluation is intended for an established marina with over 250 slips and multiple distinct profit centers.  It is a comprehensive evaluation covering all aspects of marina operations, safety, and revenue.  Meetings with managers and regulatory agencies are included along with recommendations for improving revenue and reducing liability.  The extensive evaluation typically takes 4-8 weeks including 2-3 days of on-site evaluation and inspection including at least one day on a busy weekend and observation of opening and closing procedures of the marina.
Special evaluations can be created for owners or managers of multiple marina facilities.  A combination of any of the above services can be incorporated into the proposal as well as any other special requests.

Proposals and costs are available upon request.

A Docks & Marinas, Inc. evaluation can be site specific to meet the marina and management needs.  Reports can be organized for use with government agencies, insurance companies, potential buyers or staff.

Additional services such as feasibility studies, land and hydrographic surveys, coastal engineering, regulatory permit submittals, financing, dockage, dredging, aquatic plant and water quality assessments, stormwater management plans, and underwater inspections are available from Docks & Marinas, Inc. or can be coordinated through Docks & Marinas, Inc. if additional marina expertise is needed.

Docks & Marinas, Inc. has been providing professional engineering services for waterfront development, lake and harbor rehabilitation, floodplain determinations, stormwater management and shore protection since 1987.  The Docks & Marinas team is led by Mr. David Wentland, President, P.E.  Mr. Wentland has a Masters Degree in Ocean Engineering and has been working on waterfront projects since 1974.  The firm has been involved in over 400 projects concerning coastal protection and development.