Article Published in Marina Dock Age magazine -- Jan/Feb 2013

Freshwater Steel Structures on Lake Superior Facing Microbial Corrosion
Docks & Marinas, Inc. teams with Roen Salvage Company bringing Acotec's patented limpet cofferdam and Humidur coating to the United States from Belgium!  Inspecting, repairing and preserving corroded steel sheet pile walls beneath the water surface. 
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at the Dultuh Seaway Port Authority.

Much cheaper than methods used to date. Plus the port can continue to stay in operation the entire time.  No downtime.

Article in PileBuck Magazine, July/Aug 2016, Volume 32, Issue 4, pp. 60-64
40+ Years as An Engineer, Bio of Dave Wentland, P.E.

Article in PileBuck Magazine, Volume 28, Issue 1, August 2012, pp. 22-25
Saving Property Literally Underwater 


DINO Six Sediment Removal System

The Dino Six is a sediment removal system developed to perform jobs inaccessible or too expensive using other equipment.

It removes sediment without damaging the site, making a mess on and off site, or tracking dirt on roads.

The system is simple and easy to operate. Weighing only 3,300 pounds the DINO Six can access harbors, marinas, industrial lagoons, sediment and golf course ponds, home association lakes, and many jobs excavators and other hydraulic dredges cannot.

When the job is completed the DINO is easily removed from the water on a trailer, or lifted and placed on a trailer.  It does not disturb the shoreline and leaves no footprint to repair.

Its production flow is designed to work efficiently with dewatering tubes.  Where there is no room for a dewatering basin close to the site, the DINO Six, pumping into dewatering tubes, can remove and dewater sediment on a parking lot or grassed area on site.  After the sediment dries, the tubes are cut open and the sediment removed by front end loader.  If the sediment is characterized as non-contaminated it may have resale value since it is often rich in organic material and nutrients.  Whatever the final value of the dried sediment, it can be easily and quickly hauled from the site.

No tracking.  No mess.  Why pay to haul water?  Leave it at the site.  With today's geotextile weaves, and dewatering polymers if necessary, meeting water regulatory requirements for return water going back to the waterway is seldom an issue any longer.

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