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DINO Six Sediment Removal

March 2017

What's on the sonar?                                                                                                            

Upcoming Webinar..... March 28, 12:00 - 1:00 pm CT

Inspecting, Repairing and Preserving Corroded Steel Sheet Pile Dock Walls Below the Water Surface in the Dry

Amazing technology developed in Europe.  Now used by Roen Salvage Company, a national marine contractor in the United States.  A three sided box is placed alongside the corroded wall and the water pumped out.  After the water is out the wall can be examined, measurements taken, repairs made, and then epoxy coated for many years of useful life.  All at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  Better quality control than doing the work underwater.  The dock can stay in operation.  Much faster than any other method .... more than a mile of wall in less than six months.

Sign up on our "Contact Us" page to attend our free webinar on March 28.

A continuing education certificate will be provided to attendees that may need CEUs for professional engineering re-certification.

Docks & Marinas, Inc. specializes in:

  • Harbors, marinas and docks
  • Shore protection
  • Sediment removal and dewatering
  • Marina evaluations and water regulatory permits
  • Funding

And representing these excellent marine products and services

  • Everlast Synthetic Products vinyl and fiberglass composite sheet piling
  • Collins Hammers for driving sheet piling
  • DINO Six sediment removal system
  • Envirotubes for sediment dewatering
  • Structurmarine - the finest floating docks and gangways in the world!
  • Roen Salvage Company inspection, repair and preservation of steel harbor walls
  • Dragflow pumps and dredging/excavating equipment
  • Midwest Floating Islands for water quality, docks, fisheries habitat and beauty 


We know the waterfront. Let us help make your's a success!

Docks & Marinas, Inc. and Dragflow Pumps and

On-water Floating and Excavation Platforms


Not sure what to do?  We have solutions.

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Dave Wentland, P.E.

Coastal Engineer on the Great Lakes since 1979 



Article Published in Marina Dock Age magazine -- Jan/Feb 2013

Freshwater Steel Structures on Lake Superior

Facing Microbial Corrosion

Docks & Marinas, Inc. teams with Roen 
Salvage Company bringing Acotec's patented limpet cofferdam and Humidur coating to the United States from Belgium!  Inspecting, repairing and preserving corroded steel sheet pile walls beneath the water surface. 

Click here to watch a video of this amazing process.  Much cheaper than methods used to date.  Plus the port can continue to stay in operation the entire time.  No downtime.


DINO Sediment Removal System Busy at Baileys Harbor Marina  (click link for video)

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin




DINO Six Sediment Removal System

Our UK Affiliate Office

Dave Wentland, P.E.
Coastal Engineer
John Krahling
Sediment Removal System Specialist