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DINO Six Sediment Removal

Set the Date:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017 

12:00 noon U.S. Central Time

Inspection, Repair and Protection of  Corroded Steel Sheet Piling --

Steel sheet piling is used as the walls separating land from water in many ports, harbors, shipping canals and marinas.  The problem is steel corrodes.  Eventually the corrosion becomes so severe the steel wall no longer has the strength to hold the land, buildings, equipment and commodities in place.  Conventional methods to fix the problem have been replacing the wall, or working underwater to patch the holes and weak areas.

Replacement is very costly and often shuts down the use of the wall for ship loading until the new wall is built.  Underwater repair is challenging.  It involves divers working underwater to inspect and repair the steel.  It would be much easier if the steel could be inspected, repaired and painted with corrosion preventing epoxy in the dry.

Roen Salvage Company is a marine contractor based in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. It has been in business 66 years working on docks, dredging and waterfront projects.  When the Duluth Seaway Authority had very serious corrosion problems in its port it contacted Roen Salvage for help.  Over 13 miles of wall were affected. The costs to fix the problem by conventional means would be enormous.  Roen searched a process in Belgium invented by Acotec where a box is placed along the side of the wall allowing the water along the wall to be removed.  The all the work can be done out of water.

This webinar will show how this method works, how fast the work can be done, what it has cost on completed projects, and how the port can continue in operation while the work is being done.

This will be a free Webinar.
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