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DINO Six Sediment Removal
After 34 years in the harbor, marina and dock business we teamed up with the best equipment and product manufacturers in the industry!

Docks & Marinas, Inc.
Representing these excellent marine equipment and product manufacturers:

Dragflow Pumps and Dredge and On-Water Excavation Floating Platforms
Electric and hydraulic pumps, augers and booster pumps for dredging and mining.  Able to dig into very hard lake bottom material where most other equipment has no chance of going.  Can be mounted to floating barges, backhoes, cranes.  Depth is no issue.  Sales and rentals!
Photos of backhoe and barge mounted assemblies on home page. 

Collins Company 
Manufacturer of air hammers, specifically designed for vinyl and fiberglass composite sheet pile, up to 10-inch pipe, medium wood piles, and light to medium steel piling.  Sales and rentals!  


Docks & Marinas, Inc. and Roen Salvage Company Partnership 

Roen Salvage, a US marine contractor, is a licensed user of Acotec's DZI limpet cofferdam and Humidur corrosion protection system.  Based in Belgium, Acotec is a world leader in providing lifetime lasting solutions for marine and other severely corroded structures.  Its patented DZI limpet cofferdam allows in-situ inspection, repairs and preservation of submerged areas of steel bulkhead piling.  Its patented Humidur is a one-layer solvent-free modified epoxy coating applied after corroded steel is cleaned and repaired.  Used worldwide to protect port, marina and canal walls.

DINO Six Sediment Removal System
Transportable, durable and economic method of deepening harbors and marinas.  Also for cleaning stormwater, golf course, sediment, industrial, and aesthetic ponds.  A simple and clean method to increase water depth.  Designed for use with either tubular dewatering containers or open disposal.


World-renown marina design firm and dock manufacturer.  Continually challenging industry standards to design marinas and build docks better than ever!  Innovator of "tapered finger docks" and durable, cost-saving floating dock anchorage.  Many global awards.

Allen Dock
Floating, fixed support, roll-out, skid, ADA fishing docks, boat and PWC lifts, swim rafts, canopies and dock accessories.  Commercial and residential.
The largest marina on the Great Lakes (North Point Marina in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois USA) has Allen Docks.  Building docks on the Great Lakes and Midwest USA since 1934.

Midwest Floating Islands
Floating water purification wetlands to float docks, clean the water, and enhance the beauty of marinas.

Everlast Synthetic Products
Vinyl and fiber reinforced composite sheet piling and round piling.
Environmentally friendly, non-corrosive and economical alternatives to steel for docks, marinas and harbors.

High-strength, tubular containers, designed to contain and dewater sediment and other pump slurries.  Allows sediment dewatering on-site or miles away, no needed to haul sediment with water off-site and make a mess on the roads.  Why pay to haul water?  After the sediment is dewatered haul it away dry.  If non-contaminated sediment it may also have resale value!