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Dave Wentland, P.E., Coastal Engineer, Pilot and Diver
September 9, 2010 off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii 
University of Hawaii
Department of Ocean Engineering
In 1978 Dave Wentland graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Master's Degree in Ocean Engineering.  I was his graduate Professor and advisor during his studies, with emphasis on Coastal Engineering.

He participated in a comprehensive study on wave behavior on Coastal Reefs, which required
a considerable amount of field work. The results of his research were published in a paper:
"Field observations and theoretical analysis of wave set-up on Ala Moana Reef", Plan-B paper,
Department of Ocean Engineering, University of Hawaii.

Mr. Wentland performed brilliantly in both coursework and research.  Some years after graduation he received his professional license which paved the way to start his own successful consulting engineering business in coast and harbor work.

I give Mr. Wentland my highest recommendation.
Dr. Frans Gerritsen, Professor Emeritus
Ocean Engineering Department
University of Hawaii